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guys what will we do with our blogs if they cancel the 100? i really dont want this fandom to end, we have to get a renewal for season 2


Hey, I would just like to say that I am a HUGE fan of your writing. Expically the Mortal Instruments. I can’t wait until City of Heavenly Fire come out. I would love it if you would write me back so please do. I had a question on how to intoduce an evil character without going into to much detail…


Aren’t these gorgeous? Cassandra Jean and I got talking about the language of flowers and how every flower has a meaning. She’s started drawing each character with flowers I’ve picked to represent them — here’s Clary with violets, Jocelyn with day lilies, and Sebastian with monkshood.


this is so true pe We Heart It -


this is so true pe We Heart It -

Last night’s episode of The 100 got over 2 million viewers!


Up 20 percent from last week!!!

Those are AMAZING numbers for a CW show that’s only a month old!



Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world.


Why You Should Watch The 100


Okay guys, I’m here to help you discover a new show to watch. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but I already have ALL THE SHOWS. And I get it, I do. I do too. I know that feel, bro. But here’s the thing; you should watch The 100.

Synopsis: It’s been 97 years since the Earth suffered a nuclear war and its population was reduced to a small portion of what it once was. The remaining people now live on a space station known as The Ark. 100 juvenile delinquents who would most likely be sentenced to death on their 18th birthday are sent to Earth on a scouting mission to see if it’s survivable. If they succeed, their crimes will be forgiven and if they don’t, they’ll be dead.

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Is this what you wanted, princess?